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Make your own tournament

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Ever wanted to host your own tournement?Well now you can.Just follow these steps and your will have your own tournament.

1.Post posters everywhere(see beyblade posters)where there might be many people.Put your name,e-mail address on the poster,or your Telephone #.

2.Explain what your going to have in the tournement.Also tell what cool events your going to have in it.Be sure there will be at least 8 or more bladers there.

3.For prices put on the poster 5 to 10 rupees for each persons entry.That way you will have 80 to 100 .Then buy some beyblades or beyblade parts and put them as prices.The money you have left over save it 9if you want to).

4.Make a tournament sheet (email me to take it for free at cooljdudet@yahoo.comso you know who battles who and who is up.Then and practice up warm to time some it make 2 & 1 session also.For sessions 12 battle.

5.For rules dont allow big(japanese)wheight disks because most bladers dont have them and will say its unfair.Also dont allow R/C launchers in the tournement.Have some of your parents or friends to be referese.

6.For a tip so everyone can see the battles video tape them,then put the tape in the VCR/VHS and let them watch the battle on TV.This way they won't complain on "ugh i didn't get to see the battle".

 7.Give the winner at least 1 or 2 prizes.Give the semi-finalists 1 prize.I would usually say to give them more prizes but sometimes thats all you can afford.Plus this way you can buy your own blades and stadiums or whatever you want to buy.Have fun!

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