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Episodes 1-10
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Episodes 1-10

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1 :: The Blade Raider

Tyson is at home practicing martial arts with his grandfather when suddenly he realizes he's late for a Beyblade battle with Andrew. As he runs out of his house he's confronted by a couple of bullies who only slow him up for his real battle. But when Tyson does show up, Andrew and his friends are met by a smart mouthed kid named Carlos who's a member of the notorious Blade Sharks.

Carlos challenges anyone to a battle but the winner gets to keep the others Beyblades. Tyson accepts. With the help of Kenny and his Bit Beast Dizzi, who's trapped inside his laptop, Tyson prepares for the big battle, which he handily wins. But the just when the fight is over, the Blade Sharks' leader Kai shows up and a new battle begins between Kai and Tyson.

2 :: Day of the Dragoon

Tyson battles Kai one on one, but to his surprise, Tyson quickly loses. The Chief informs Tyson, that in order to beat Kai, you need a strategy, so Tyson goes home in an attempt to practice until he's perfected his fighting technique. Later that day, Andrew and Kenny, along with Dizzi show up and attempt to increase the power of Tyson's blade to match that of Kai, but with little success.

Tyson is feeling glum about his chances of ever beating Kai, but suddenly, out of nowhere, the Bit Beast Dragoon appears and flyes straight towards him and goes directly into Tyson's beyblade. Tyson is stunned after realizing Dragoon does exists and is now inside his beyblade. With renewed confidence, Tyson knows the time is right to challenge Kai once again to do battle

3 :: Take it to the Max!

In a moment of heroism, Max, the new Beyblader in town, shows Tyson that with the proper skill and training, there is nothing that can’t be achieved. The two soon become fast friends, leaving Kenny feeling left out.

4 :: The Qualifier Begins

The Beyblade Regional Qualifying Tournament is underway as Tyson, Max, Ray and even Kenny are entered to see if they can dethrone Kai, the reigning champion. As our announcers, Brad Best and A.J. Topper rev up the crowd, Kenny is first into battle but without a Bit Beast in his blade, he falls quickly to Kai.

The tension builds as Tyson takes on the Blade Sharks in the next round. His biggest competition is against Carlos who breaks team ranks and decides to go it on his own. As the battle progresses, Tyson realizes Carlos is the toughest competitor he's ever faced, Yet with the odds stacked against him, Tyson manages to squeak through to the next round and still to come in the tournament… both Ray and the undefeated Kai.

5 :: Draciel of Approval

Max is completely overpowered in his semi-finals match against Kai. It’s not until the Bit Beast known as Draciel emerges from Max’s Grandmother’s pendant, to add its power to Max’s Beyblade, that the tables begin to turn.

6 :: Dragoon Storm

The Qualifying Tournament is in its final stages as Tyson has advanced to face Ray in the semi-finals. As the best of three battles gets underway, Tyson's bravado quickly fades as Ray handily wins the first round when he destroys Tyson's Beyblade with his famous Tiger Claw Attack. After the match, Tyson realizes that if he doesn't fix his blade in time for the second battle, he'll be disqualified. For a minute, Tyson panics, until Kenny shows up with a box of spare parts. With the help of Dizzi, the Chief quickly get Tyson back in the battle. As round two heats up, Tyson reveals his Storm Attack and it turns out to be the decisive factor. But before the third and final battle can take place, Ray concedes defeat stating he doesn't have anything to prove, thus sending Tyson into the finals against Kai.

7 :: Thirteen Candles

The National Beyblade Championship Match is set, with Tyson facing off against reigning champion, Kai. It’s not until Grandpa throws a surprise party for Tyson, that the rookie sensation realizes he’s forgotten his own Birthday!

8 :: ‘Bladin’ in the Streets

Tyson and his team prepare for the Hong Kong world championships. Kai seems to reject his newfound team and leads them on a chase through the streets. That’s where the guys learn some lessons about Beyblading from some very mysterious ‘bladers. After a decisive victory, Tyson and the gang discover that the alley bladders make up the membership of “The White Tiger Team…” Whatever that is…

9 :: Showdown in Hong Kong

Our heroes arrive in Hong Kong on a stop-over to the Asian Beyblade Tournament when they run into Ray's old gang the White Tigers. A confrontation quickly ensues with no one coming out the clear winner

10 :: Battle in the Sky

The first round of the Asian Tournament sees the Bladebreakers facing off against the team called the Tall-Boys, with Ray’s ex-teammates, The White Tigers, waiting in the wings.