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Beyblade Attacks (NEW)

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Training Area

Welcome to the Training Area. If you have a real beyblade then here you can practice your beyblade moves with the moves I have learned in the last year and a half. These may take a while to master especially at a rookie version of beyblading. Hope you can complete all these for your beyblade. Remember these special moves are ment for the proper beyblade- Example, Fire Arrow is ment for Dranzer Spirial and Dranzer Flame.

Storm Attack

Storm attack is one of the most easiest moves to perform in beyblade, It mainly consists of a high pull when launching your beyblade. Once you reach a high enough level they beyblade should zoom around the stadium creating high winds.

Fire Arrow

The Fire Arrow is one one the most powerful moves there is, hold your launcher in front of you and tilt it forward a bit instead of pulling the ripcord back push the launcher forward quite hard for this you need to have a good aim this attack is very hard to perform.

Metal Ball Defense

Its really easy to perform the Metal ball Defense just launch your beyblade into the middle of the stadium and it will stay in defense all the time, works best with Dracial

Tiger Claw Attack

This takes a lot of training to accomplish this attack hold your beyblade in front of you and tilt it to the side s bit and pull your ripcord hard and this will of course the beyblade to land on the side a bit so it will attack tilt forward like the tiger claw on tv.

Spin Fire

Just launch your beyblade above the stadium quite high normally the opponents beyblade goes into the middle anyway just pull the rip cord hard and launch your beyblade into the middle of the stadium but launch high ok.

Fast Ball Attack

When launching your beyblade try and aim straight for the opponents beyblade which will sometimes knock the opponents beyblade right out like really fast.

Galux Scratch Attack

When launching your beyblade launch it tilt forward so when you launch your beyblade will attack with its attack ring doing heavy damage.

Bear Axe Attack

Hold your launcher above your head push down hard and launch your beyblade this should make the beyblade bounce about 1 - 4 times hopefully the beyblade should land on the opponents beyblade and know it out sometimes it will slice the beyblades attack ring in half like i have have done many times.

Dark Lighting/Black Thunder

This move is very powerful hold your launcher above your head and when launching slam down hard do not pull the rip cord wait until your launcher is 25cm above the stadium and launch your beyblade onto the opponents attack ring, If it knocks it out you might see two lighting marks on the side.

White Lighting

This move only works for beyblades with a metal tip and on concrete hold your launcher and grip it hard pull the ripcord super hard when the beyblade lands its should course a spark of lighting

Crazy Monkey Attack

To perform this move you need to have a very good grip launch high enough to get a good start and strong attack, Launch your beyblade at the beyblade wall with pull power and it should be a blur when rebounding at the opponent for the attack.

Kahuna Wave

Aim for the opponents blade pull the cord and the push the launcher forward at the same time it should bounce once then land on the opponents beyblade then bounce of turn around and attack with this move you need a bit of luck.

Spiral Survivor

Hard too pull off sometimes requires normal rip cord get your launcher like you normally would and make it so the rip cord tip is facing you. then slide the end of your middle finger into the rip cord palm down. pull the rip cord forward this may feel uncomfortable when you first try it. the blades opposing spin should give it a different spin direction that usual because of the base wearing out from before to fit the spin it usually goes to this usually makes it spin 2 minutes more at the least.

Wyborg Attack

Like the fast ball attack got low for this attack and shoot your blade at the exact skidding area of the stadium the middle and while shooting twist your arm to the left this should cause an extra spin factor to your blade practice so your blade doesn't land on its attack ring flat if you get it to reach the base with a full flip at that moment it has perfect spin to strike another blade would recommend an attack type for this attack so your blade will have a better chance of hitting your opponent.

Big Kahunna Wave Attack

I strongly suggest you try practicing this in a soft area to perfect it first take three steps back aim your blade like tiger claw attack and galux scratch attack aim the attack ring for the bit and slant it in other words shoot hard and make sure you don't miss please please make sure you can pull this off before trying it if the blade hits the opposing blade expect at least something to shatter on the opposing blade a very powerful attack.

Fire Show

When launching your beyblade tilt it forward a bit pull the ripcord and let the beyblade launch off it will then attack like tiger claw but not on the side after about 3 seconds it will attack head on attack its a real fire shot without fire.

Rapid Fire

Launch your beyblade up the side of the stadium side if you get a good launch your beyblade will go up the side of the beystadium when at the op the attack ring will hit the stadium top and the beyblade will jump sometimes onto the opponents beyblade making it wobble and unbalanced.

Side Slash

Quite hard to do launch your beyblade then try and get it to tip the edge of the opponents beyblade the opponents beyblade might slip and go out of the stadium

Final Attack

Works best with Dragoon Fighter because of its speed, Get your opponent to do a high launch attack like spin fire or bear axe attack, when the opponents blade lands it might jump, And with Dragoon fighters speed and large Attack ring when the opponent jumps on you dragoon will be fast enough to send the blade straight off you and will lose emotion badly with with dragoons attack you can finish the opponent off with little attacks the point is that on the TV show dragoon bitbeast comes out and does a spinning dive up to the opponent with a hurricane around him but in real life it looks like dragoon fighter is attack upwards and sending the opponent straight off you.

Wing Dagger

When launching your blade put your hands over your head and when swinging down pull to the side not tilt just to the side a bit and pull the rip cord this will cause the blade to do a sort of spin fire but not straight from the top just to the side a bit

Flame Sabre

Hold your launcher above your head like a Gary launch but put it behind your head, swing your arms over your head and slam down hard on a 45 degree angle then launch your blade while coming down and aim for the opponents blade. (This move is more powerful than the Fire Arrow move)

Stampied Rush

This move is very shattering, Hold your launcher normal when your about to launch swing your arms in the air and then behind your head then launch then swing your arms down aim for the stadium and launch. (You do not need to aim for the opponents beyblade then sound of the stampede will wipe your opponents beyblade off balance greatly.

Fire Rod

Fire Rod is very powerful move and works best for Salamolyions beyblade, Its a basic launch. When launching push the launcher forward towards the bottom part of the wall you must launch this very hard in this case the power of the launch and the speed of the beyblade behind the beyblade it will pick up a fire wave not real it will make the beyblade attack faster and harder than before when meeting contact with the opponents beyblade it will do great deal of damage


Bizzalog is Wolborgs special move. Get a good aim for this move because one slight miss and your beyblade will end up the winner. Go to the side of the wall and get ready to launch your beyblade into the wall. Launching your beyblade straight at the wall will make your beyblade lose endurance. So Launch Wolborg 1 at the wall with its blade base this has the counter free spin which doesn't spin so wolborg wont lost any endurance. When launched at the wall Wolborg with rebound from wall to wall attacking your opponent if it misses Wolborg will keep attacking until it does.

Phantom Hurricane

Phantom Hurricane is one of the most powerful special moves there are in beyblade. Tilt your beyblade forward and then to the side a bit Aim for the first part of the slant on the beystadium, Launch as hard as you can. This works best for Dragoon Fighter. Dragoon Fighter will then zoom around the stadium on the slant of the beystadium. It will knock the opponents beyblade from wall to wall doing serve damage also with so much speed and power Dragoon Fighter can create a strong enough wind to hold back the opponent from attacking you.


Wave Impact

Wave Impact consists of a powerful launch and good Aim! when launching your beyblade launch it at the side of the opponents attack ring when doing this the air of your beyblade will mix with the opponents beyblade making your beyblade gain more endurance absorbing their attack to raise yours this will then make your beyblade zoom around the stadium out of control creating water effects of wind

Voltic Crush

A powerful move Voltic Crush is the special move of Voltic Ape. Get your beyblade in launching position like a normal launch. Make sure you are facing the wall. When ready launch your beyblade forward and not down. Launching it forward aim in the middle of the stadium. Your beyblade will skid across the beystadium wall and into the wall with a powerful rebound your beyblade will attack the opponent from behind, in front, left or right doing devastating damage