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official blade scanner

Check Your Blade

1. Take the "Your Beyblade Level" quiz.

2.Then try to figure out your blade's stats(usually found on box).If you have a combo try to rate its attack ring, wheight disk , and blade base's  attack defence and endurance, only with numbers 1-10 .

3.Then add your totals up to make a grand total.

   If your total is from 0-7 your beyblade is weak in strength

   If your total is  from 8-14 your beyblade is intermediate in strength

   If your total is from 15-21 your beyblade is advance/expert in strength

Now add up your grand total to "Your Beyblade Level" results and divide THAT total by 2 and your answer is how strong your beyblade's strength is.The maximum points are 100


total= 17                                17 + 67 =84     84 / 2 = 42 (42%)

Your Beyblade Level Results=67                   

This is Official Blade Scanner

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